17 April, 2011

Enjoying Yelapa

Several years ago my motorcycling buddies and I had tried to find a back way into Yelapa, a remote Pacific coast village an hour's boat ride south of Puerto Vallarta. It is famous for being a laid back village in a deep cove where mountain sides come down steeply to a beautiful sand beach. After having visited this place a couple years ago, I yearned to return. On hearing about good hiking in the area, my hiking buddy Duncan Poole was anxious to join me in further exploration.

Ready to board, but the pier at Puerto Vallarta has been washed away.

While waiting for the water taxi, Gerry surfs the web for accommodations on his iPad. It seems the winter tourist rush is over and we'll have no problem. We wade out to the taxi and zoom off, crashing through the waves. Duncan centre.

We reach Yelapa 45 minutes later and start asking for accommodation. On one end of the beach The Lagunita Resort holds onto their high season prices and we move on along the arc of beach

Finally we find the perfect place at the southern end of the beach, high up the cliff. That is our Garcia apartment in the photo center, about 50 steps up from the beach. To reach the village uptown we have to go down to the beach and then over and up about 80 steps. That's where the stores and restaurants are. Such good exercise!

But the view out the huge no-glass windows is exquisite. We watch the topless girls sunbathe just below us.

The beach is becoming deserted as the last water taxi of the day arrives to take tourists back to Puerto Vallarta. We're staying!

We have separate bedrooms with mosquito netting due to the open air nature of our apartment. We never did need them.

This is our fancy kitchen. Is that Duncan doing dishes? After a four hour hike, that hammock will be great.

Half way up the narrow river valley on our hike to the waterfall, we discovered a lovely little place that served fresh chocolate mouse pie and tea. Sitting by the riverside, listening to the birds and rushing water, was heavenly. It is easy to see why the lady proprietor has lived alone in her tiny place for fourteen years, replenishing the energy of hikers.

Finally, we arrived at the waterfall and it was a sight to behold, a sandy bottom pool under a torrent of clear water. I whipped off my sweaty clothes and was in the Jacuzzi moments before this gang arrived to set up for a picnic.

Recovering from the long hike, Gerry reflects on the good life and the pressing need to move on down the coast and back to our casas at Lakeside.

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